"flaws, stitched together with good intentions."

I totally love what that anon said about life having purpose and God loving you! It's so true girl. Hope life is good, dear!

Awh well I am sure they thank you

Find someone else. Well go to places YOU like. People meet and get along with common interest Get out of your shell and talk to someone you find cute in person If they deny you? So what. Move on to the next person
Never be afraid
People are usually more afraid of you than you are of them.

Whoa. That was alot

Falling for bestfriends is the worst. Got awkwardness. Not sure if you want to tell them. And the possibility of ruining a friendship. Now depending on how tight you guys are. There are some options.
You could tell them straight up. Which if it gets to hard for you. Why not. It could escalate into something more. Or she denies you and you get your answer and return to being friends. You just really need to look at your friendship. Could it be ruined. Is it worth maybe ruining it. Could you guys move past this. That is what you know and what will help you decide. Always remember to put them first though